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Let´s spread a little love

Of course, you don't need an occasion or a specific date to bring a little love and kindness into the world.

But, and I'll admit it quite honestly, I take a date like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, a birthday, the wedding anniversary and the date of the first kiss and or "just because" as an occasion for those close to my heart, a to make a little surprise.

I give a pretty bouquet of flowers, bake or cook their favorite dish, knit a surprise, or take a little something I know they'll be happy about. It often doesn't take much to make someone happy. And I like to make others happy. :-)

Last year, around the time of Valentine's Day, I designed the Spread the Love Socks, which I have happily given as gifts ever since. They are quick to knit and with their charming border of hearts they go well with spring. The small border adorns the otherwise simple sneaker socks very unobtrusively and has made everyone smile so far. Even Fair Isle beginners can work well with it, as it is only knitted over 5 rounds and no more than 5 stitches have to be "bridged" at the widest point.

Then the classic heel flap begins and then the sock is knitted in stockinette stitch in no time at all. If you like, you can also knit a longer leg and repeat the border as often as you like. Also great for using up leftover yarn.


I'll give you until February 15th, 2023

14% bonus

on the pattern

I wish you a lot of fun knitting, giving away and making others happy!

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day and sun in your heart!

Love and hug, Sascia

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